The highest quality olive oils from Croatia!

Šolta olive oil or Šoltansko maslinovo ulje (cro.)  from the island of Šolta among the best in the world!

Certified assessors should have the appropriate certification according to international standards prescribed by the COI (International Olive Oil Council) and should be assembled as part of a certified “Panel” that gives a final assessment of the quality of the oil. Organoleptic evaluation should follow a few basic guidelines and strive to be as objective as possible, ie to exclude the subjective feeling of “I like this oil” or “I don’t like it”.

To reach this level of evaluators, it takes a lot of training and “updating” of the senses throughout the year, consecutively. After the chemical analysis is done, only oils that by chemical parameters belong to the category of virgin and extra virgin olive oils come to the organoleptic evaluation.

Ph.D. Mirella Žanetić evaluated the oils at this year’s NYIOOC and claims that this competition is the biggest challenge for manufacturers, but also guarantees the promotion of oil at the world level.

Championship olive oil is not produced from today until tomorrow. It has been created for years. The whole process needs to be thought of throughout the olive year, and even a few years in advance – depends on what kind of oil you want to get, but also what market it is intended for.




At the largest and most prestigious competition in the quality of olive oil Šoltansko maslinovo ulje of the Golden Šoltanka Olive Growers Association has received the award: “best in class” – the best eco-friendly medium-intensity olive oil in the world! It is the only in Croatia this year, and the first Dalmatian olive oil at all! Šoltansko maslinovo ulje was recognized in 2016 for the protection of authenticity at European Union level.

Traditional olive oil production

Of the 913 olive oils from 26 countries, only 18 olive oils received the title „Best in Class“.

Congratulations, but immediately we continue with the equally good news for Croatian olive growers who have won numerous golds. Thus, New York gold medals were won by OPG Waxen, Nonno Bruno, Oleum Maris, OPG Rakovac, PG Zarko Zeljko, Clai, Monte Rosso, Agrolaguna (three golds), Antonio Vivoda, Cergra, Skabe Farmhouse, Erigo, Al Torcio (two golds) ), Agroproduct, Negri Olive, Stancija St. Antonio, Kozlovic Craft, OPG Ivica Vlatkovic, OPG Marija Bursic, OPG Lupic, OPG Grubesic Tone, Terra Rossa, Kristofola, Avistria, Magran Craft, Olea BB, OPG Chiavalon and Laguna Novigrad.

Traditional olive oil production


It is also alleged that Croatia participated in the competition in New York with 61 olive oils, 32 of which received a gold medal and 18 won a silver medal. In doing so, Croatia ranked side by side with the great olive powers – Spain and Italy.

Traditional olive oil production

We remind you that the “New York Olive Oil Competition” is one of the most respected olive oil competitions in the world.

Traditional olive oil production

Traditional olive oil production

Traditional olive oil production

Gastronomy of Croatia

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