The Old Cellar of Ilok

Srijem is the region bordered by the magnificent river Danube on the East while on the South vast vineyards are stretched.




In Antic time, when the rough history of Ilok and Srijem begun is marked on the development of viticulture and viniculture. This region is a heritage of the Duke family Odescalchi who, as well built the famous The Old cellar (Stari podrum) in the 18th century.







The homeland of wine

Stari Podrum is situated on the mere bank of Danube, in the Ilok center. It is settled in the preserved old center from the 15th century which gives a special feeling to The Old cellar /Stari podrum. The Old cellar has 18 beautifully decorated rooms (adjusted for disabled persons) with a view to the long and sunny Danube bank.  Original cellars from the 15th and 18th centuries are settled inside the hotel which makes Stari Podrum unique. Cellars are preserving a certain amount of wine production and precious archive; Traminer, Welschriesling, Rheinriesling, Pinot Blanc, and others.

The Stari Podrum restaurant takes you back to the past with its decoration and a rich variety of Srijem delicacies like Boneless Fish Stew, Slavonia Roll, Homemade Beef Soup, and Apple Pies. There is also a wine tasting room that offers the whole wine palette of the Ilok winery. The whole picture is rounded with the gold awarded Ilok Traminer, with its specific flavor and bouquet.





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