Go to Croatia

We have been waiting for this, wishing for it and looking forward to it.

And … finally!

As of April 30, all Covid restrictions on entry into Croatia have been lifted and entry is allowed, subject to the conditions of entry that applied before the Covid 19 epidemic.

Wearing masks is mandatory only in health and social institutions.

Your Staylicious journey can start! 

Go to Croatia!

The Idea of Croatia

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Croatia? Is it the beautiful aquamarine Adriatic coast, breathtaking view of Plitvice Lakes and Krka, or famous Dubrovnik? 

Maybe you are aware of the fact that the most brilliant mind was born in Croatia? Yes! Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia!

No matter what you think, there are no wrong answers. There is no common idea of Croatia, a small country with so much diversity woven into its every pore. The idea of Croatia is the emotion you get when you truly experience being in Croatia for a while and learning about it along the way. 

You can wander through the streets of ZagrebDubrovnikSplitZadarPula, and many other places and feel all the historical turn points in these very spots, from Roman times to recent events.

Gastronomy and wines

The idea of Croatia is a variety of delicious dishes originating from diverse Croatian regions and excellent Croatian wines known worldwide.

The idea of Croatia is all the Croats that made the world a better place, such as Ruđer BoškovićFaust VrančićIvan Vučetić, and others.

Remember Croatia next time you’ll be putting on a tie or writing with an ink ball pen (Penkala Slavoljub), and it would be impossible without Croatia and its people.

The idea of Croatia is a term everyone is free to create for themselves because there are so many things that can make you think of Croatia.

Croatian Attractions – The highlights of your holiday!

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