The Istrian thermal resort

In the spirit of presenting some of the magical places in Croatia, which also happen to have healing powers (in case you missed our post about health tourism, be sure to click here!), it wouldn’t be an interesting list without saying a word or two about the Istrian thermal resort.
Istria, an amazing and beautiful peninsula on the Northern Adriatic….like it’s not enough that Istria looks breathtaking and stuck in some old romantic times, but also it has a thermal resort rich in mineral water.

The resort is located at the foot of a huge and famous rock, St. Stephen, which has 13 sorts of mineral water flowing underneath. So what is the benefit of these waters?
It has been scientifically and practically proven that those minerals do wonders for rheumatic diseases, dermatological diseases, issues with the respiratory system, gynecological problems, and post-op rehab.




Just like many natural thermal spas in Croatia, the Istrian resort was used in far history, the Roman era.
During the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, amazing resort held the name  „Terme Santo Stefano“ and was prescribed to many patients from the whole Monarchy to come there and try the healing waters.


The natural therapeutic properties of the water made this exact thermal spring officially the third best in entire Europe regarding its quality of water and therapeutic properties.

Besides the mineral water, particular benefits are offered by the mild climate and untouched nature of this region. There are many marked routes for hiking, climbing and bike riding. On the top of the huge rock is the ruin of the old church of St. Stephen with the magnificent view to the valley of the river Mirna and famous forests of Motovun.

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