The most interesting sites in Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia, Photo credit by Importanne resorts

When your paths take you to Croatia, you’ll probably find yourself a bit confused about where to start with all the sightseeing. Luckily for you, we’ve managed to help you out on this task. It’s a plus that Croatia is quite a small country, so it’s no problem to see all the highlights and attractions during your stay, but it could be challenging to organize all the trips and tours to see everything you’re interested in.

Zagreb, Croatia, Photo by M. Švarc

Well, luckily for you again, our tours provide you everything you’ll want to see and much more. So let’s get started!
Zagreb is the spot where you should start your journey since it’s full of endless attractions and such a beautiful (and safe!) city to explore. Besides the main Ban Jelačić square and all the exciting architecture and so on, there are a few places you should stop by. Although it’s not a regular site for most cities, Zagreb’s main cemetery Mirogoj is a beautiful place full of history and amazing architecture and peace. The Stone Gate and the Cathedral are also places to seek peace and see what history left us in its most wonderful way. From there it’s quite easy to reach Upper town where you can see the magnificent St. Mark’s Church, the Parliament and a huge hit among many visitors- the Museum of broken relationships! Take your time and explore the colorful Dolac market just above the Ban Jelačić square then relax in Maksimir park, the place all locals go to free their minds and seek relief.

Zagreb Funicular

Eastern Croatia might not be the place you thought of while planning your trip, but there lies an incredible treasure in the form of vineyards which give some of the best wines in Europe and further. In one of our tours you can experience all the magic behind making those wines and, of course, taste some of them and take a few bottles home for special occasions.

Amphitheatre in Pula, Istria, Croatia, photo by Matko M. Švarc

Moving to the west, Istria is a place you could go sightseeing for days and days but we recommend visiting Pula and its magnificent amphitheater then heading to the cute little city of Motovun (known for its movie festival during summer!) and while in Istria, be sure to try truffle hunting, as it is one of Istria’s regional symbols.

Trufflle hunting

A site you’ve probably heard of so many times is the almost unreal Plitvice Lakes, Croatia’s most famous national park. Wherever you go to the seaside, Plitvice is the one attraction you should stop by and check out (p.s. check some of our tours on the link below which include Plitvice, it can save you much time on the organization of your trip!).

The Adriatic seaside is full of sites you could visit so no matter where you go, you won’t go wrong, but our suggestion would be visiting Zadar, and it’s monumental Sea Organ and Salutation to the Sun as well as St. Donatus Church. Other cities on the seaside that are very much worth visiting are Šibenik, Trogir, and Split– the city that is often called the capital of Dalmatia!

Trogir, photo by Matko M. Švarc


The most southern point of Croatia is a city that you’ve been searching throughout this text- Dubrovnik. As the cherry on top of all the beautiful attractions Croatia can show you, Dubrovnik is the one site and attraction that can amaze you for days and days. From Stradun street to Dubrovnik’s famous walls that Game of Thrones fans will recognize as King’s Landing, this city has gained such a status that no one would believe you were in Croatia unless you’ve visited Dubrovnik- and they would be partly right! So take a pencil and paper, take notes on which sites you’d be interested in most, and let us help you organize the traveling experience of your dreams. Take a glance at our tours and book now!

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Hvar islands, photo by NIna Bogdan

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