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In our longtime experience, we learned a lot about our client’s needs and preferences. Having most of them starting their Croatian trip in Zagreb, it was our pleasure to take them on all kinds of short trips and tours and safely bring them back to their hotel (or any other accommodation). In the variety of all those tours, some of them seemed to be extremely popular. There must be a precise reason why people adore these trips from Zagreb and back, and we can’t deny that we also share a bit of personal admiration towards them. So which are those tours?

Zrinjevac Park Julien Duval
Zrinjevac Park photoi by Julien Duval, photo credit by TB of the City of Zagreb

A short ride from Zagreb will take you to the magical medieval castle of Trakošćan in the Zagorje region, and people seem to be so enchanted by the castle and its magical surroundings. This Trakošćan tour will relieve you of the feeling of being trapped in the urban jungle of the 21st century.

TRAKOSCAN CASTEL photo by Croatian Attractions

Use autumn to visit one of the best wine cellars in Europe in this Ilok-Homeland of the wine tour and see why so many people tend to come back again and again. Lovers of muscle cars will have five minutes in this amazing one-of-kind tour to Rimac electric car company! This tour will provide you with an experience that will make all of your friends envious.


Plus, you get to see the amazing little town of Samobor nearby and try their delicious cake! Croatia would hardly be recognized so much if it weren’t for its seaside. Tourists from all around the world are keen to visit the legendary Adriatic coast, and that is the reason why the Pula and Split tours are highly popular, especially taking into consideration that you get back in Zagreb and on your way to Split, you have a chance to visit Plitvice Lakes!

Sastavci Photo credit by NP Plitvice lakes 6
Sastavci Photo credit by NP Plitvice lakes

In the end, why not use up your time to the max and take a peek over the border? The Ljubljana tour is an excellent trip to take while staying in Croatia. You’ll have a chance to visit Slovenia, and its beautiful capital and get back to your accommodation safely with loads of wonderful memories. No wonder that’s one of the most popular tours from Zagreb. Find out more about our tours here, and let us help you to explore as much as you want.

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Dubrovnik Croatial photo by
Dubrovnik Croatial photo by
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