The most popular tours in Croatia

Although Croatia offers endless possibilities for sightseeing and all kinds of adventures, most of them being a part of various tours, some of these tours remain on top of the most popular tours people take while vacationing in Croatia. Want to find out which are these tours? Then continue reading below…
As we are settled in Zagreb, let’s start with the most popular from Zagreb, but whatever starting point you’ll take – it will always somehow be the tour via Plitvice Lakes – National Park. You couldn’t have read an article about Croatia without crossing paths with one of the most (if not the most!) popular attractions around here. Plitvice lakes really is a place to be in this highly urbanized times and areas. This Plitvice lakes tour offers the most comfortable and efficient way to get to this wonder of nature and truly enjoy it. With a private luxurious transportation, guide and more, there’s no wonder why this tour wins over the hearts of our dear visitors.

Plitvice lakes tour is very often the highlight of two tours, from Zagreb to Zadar, or from Zagreb to Split. And this can be done vice versa. It makes these two towns very popular, and there are many reasons for that, as St. Donatus Church, and the Forum but as well as the fantastic sunset in Zadar od The sea organ or The salutation to The Sun, both installations made by famous architect Nikola Bašić.

Is Split next or last, or first – I don’t know but I know – you must see the most loved city in the world – Split. Locals say – it can’t be compared to any other town it the whole world. If the locals say that – then it must be the truth. When you see the glorious Diocletian palace where people still living in and the promenade with many bars and terraces, or The Cathedral with The Bell Tower – you’ll find many reasons for that kind of love that Dalmatians have for their Split.

We can’t decide what selection should we use or give numbers in the row of popularity, but whatever methods we use – it will show the importance of Dubrovnik in Croatian tourism. Besides the most popular Private guided tour of Dubrovnik with your own (or guided) walk over The City Walls, and of course, cable car to Srđ hill or even better panorama drive around the city, here you can have something really special. We can proudly say that the reason is Ivan Vuković, the guide, but the truth is even more spectacular – it’s the shooting place for all seasons of HBO megahit THE GAME OF THRONES. The tour that has been gaining popularity more and more. There is no reason to explain too much why this Game of Thrones Dubrovnik tour is winning over the hearts of tourists from every inch of the world. This exclusive tour offers you to walk the streets of Dubrovnik, the top destination in Croatia and further, plus, to have a special guided insight into all the locations where this popular show was filmed and feel like a fantasy character for once.
But as I have mentioned before – we (The Croatian Attractions)  are from Zagreb, and in spite the fact that Zagreb is not on the coast – it’s still one of the most popular towns in Croatia, capital, the biggest city naturally offers the most. You can’t say that you have seen Zagreb if not take one of private walking tours like Highlights of Zagreb tour. Here, a licensed guide will take you from your accommodation to a two-hour tour where you’ll catch up with all you need to know about Zagreb, have some time to feel the streets like locals do and visit all the places you could’ve missed if you wanted to explore the town on your own.

On the outskirts of Zagreb, is the factory of the future. A young CEO Mate Rimac founded an electric car company that quickly established its name in the world of luxury cars. Their biggest superstar model CONCEPT_S has been applauded on car shows around the world and in this Rimac car factory and Samobor tour you can have a unique chance to see all the behind-the-scenes secrets of how the cars of the future are made plus you get to see a scenic little city of Samobor known for its famous pastry cake Kremshnita!
Celebrities know the pros of spending time in Istria, so why wouldn’t you? Istria is green and hilly, and it has red soil. And if the green and red colors remind you of something – it might be; the Italian flag. In Istria it makes sense. Istria has a lot of Italians still living here in Croatia, speaking their language and living dolce vita Croatian Istrian style. It’s for you to find out what is so special about Istria. The answer is – Everything! Istria wouldn’t be Istra (like we Croatian call Istria) without its famous Amphitheater in Pula. The city of Pula has left many in awe with its amazing Roman and medieval architecture, stunning coast and friendly locals. It doesn’t surprise that the Pula/Pola tour remains in one of the top tours people are looking for. Not only you have a chance to visit this amazing city, but you also can have a unique occasion to try excellent dishes with Istrian truffles which are extremely rare (and the restaurant happens to specialize in truffles!). The tour also includes a visit to a small town on a top of the hill named Motovun which is famous for its movie festival during summer.
Of course, there are many more tours waiting just for you, so, explore more of what can catch your eye on our list of tours and leave the rest to us.

Croatian attractions, highlights of your holidays.


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