The most wanted island in Croatia – Hvar

Hvar, photo credit by TB of Hvar town


Hvar is a place with a Mediterranean climate characterized by mild and short winters and long and hot summers. The wind cools hot days and makes your summer evenings more enjoyable. Climate is just one of the reasons why Hvar is a favorite destination among tourists. Tourists are most impressed by the fact that this beautiful island is one of the places with the sunniest hours where summer lasts the longest. The appearance of snow is a great rarity, and locals consider it an attraction because it happens once in ten years.


Borche bay Hvar


The sea temperature is above 20°c making the sea pleasant for swimming from May to October. The crystal clear sea and the number of beaches will satisfy your expectations and fill your daily schedule. There are mostly pebble beaches on the island, but there are natural sand beaches on the northern side of the island. We will single out two beaches on the island even though the list is much more extensive. Bay Dubovica Beach has located a few kilometers away on the south side of the island and is considered one of the most beautiful.

Zaraće beach is also a pebble beach situated on the south side of the island. A small beach is an idyllic place for swimming and snorkeling located at the top of a rocky cliff that you can reach by boat or car. Apart from the beaches on the island itself, there is often interest in visiting Pakleni Islands perfect to get away from the crowds and lie on the beach with the most beautiful sea color.

The ride with the Taxi boat is very short, and you will not even feel the distance. It costs around 8€ in both directions, and when you get there, you will experience great gastronomic offer, beach bars, a place in the sun as well as a break from the city of Hvar noise.

These are limestone islands that are located south of the town of Hvar. The islands are protected as a monument of nature, and rosemary, sage, chamomile, and laurel are just some of the plants that make a precious plant life. Islands have different offers so it is up to you to choose how would you like to spend your time. There are also options such as kayaking or sailing tours that go in the direction of the Pakleni Islands, so you can stop for a swim in the cove and explore what attracts you most. Have fun!

Croatian attractions, highlights of your holidays!

Hvar town, photo by TB of Hvar town

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