The Perfect Croatian Souvenir – Šestine umbrella

Photo by Buco Balkanessi on Unsplash


What do we remember when we get back from the holiday? The story!
This is the story to tell and to remember!

The story of Zagreb and its Šestine umbrella!

Many people take home all kinds of souvenirs, but most of them only collect dust on the table or are simply put in a box as an occasional reminder of the trip they took.
Why don’t you make an exception and get a souvenir for you and your friends that will surely be used throughout the year?
The Šestine umbrella is a perfect gift for you and your loved ones simply as a cheerful item during those rainy, gray days back home.
These high-quality, bright red umbrellas are symbols of Zagreb, and the same pattern is used for parasols on Dolac market. The umbrellas are so well known in the world that they are often used as a gift in diplomatic relations (Margaret Thatcher was given one) but also for celebrities such as Robbie Williams.
A legend says a long time ago a young couple was hidden under a dark umbrella during strong rain and the power of their love was so strong that it turned the color of the umbrella to red.
Šestine is a small, picaresque village inside (and slightly above) Zagreb and the umbrella is a part of their beautiful folk costume.

There are specialized manufacturers for the production of Šestine umbrella which guarantees its high quality and gorgeous look and you can buy it in many souvenir shops in Zagreb.
So why not brighten an ugly, rainy day with something beautiful that brings memories and hides a love story? A gift like no other!
Croatian Attractions- the highlights of your holiday!







Dolac market, Zagreb, photo by j.duval, photo credit by TB of Zagreb

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