The smoothest dioptre removal in Svjetlost Eye Clinic

Laser dioptre removal is the world’s most executed and the most demanding eye operation.
Over the last 30 years, more than 50 million people have gotten rid of dioptres with laser treatments.

Tim Roth in Svjetlost Eye Clinic


Ivana Trump and Prof. Gabrić, at Svjetlost Eye clinic

Today, with the development of technology, laser surgery has never been faster and less painless, as well as better quality and safer procedures.
Over the past two decades, for as long as dioptric laser surgery technology is present in this part of Europe, Eye Clinic Svjetlost has been a leader in technological equipment and experience. Since the first laser removal of dioptre in this area, which was carried out in 1998 by prof. Nikica Gabric, until this day, several generations of lasers that made the evolution in operative methods have shown up.
The femtosecond method using IntraLase laser to create flaps and Schwind Amaris laser to remodel cornea is considered the best combination in laser dioptre removal nowadays.
In the Eye Clinic Svjetlost, ten specialists have removed dioptre with the laser from more than 60 thousand eyes, which is a result only a few European eye clinics can boast about. And in the past 20 years, they have removed dioptre from more than 60 thousand eyes, which is the result only a few European eye clinics can boast.

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