The sound of the sea – The Sea Organ by Nikola Bašić

The distinguished Croatian architect of the world’s recognized reputation Nikola Bašić is the author of a unique architectural achievement – The Sea Organ.


The exceptional value of his projects is manifested by numerous awards and recognition, and the Sea Organ is one of his most popular works. In May 2006, architect Nikola Bašić won the European Prize for Urban Public Space for this magnificent project.



The unique architectural wonder is located on the west side of the Zadar Riva and is recognizable by its cascading 75-foot coastal profile. Each sequence has a built-in tube of different diameters that under influence of the sea produce different sounds.

The sound of the organ emerges under the influence of the energy of the sea, i.e. the waves and the tide.


As the energy of the sea is unpredictable in countless changes in tide, oscillation, strength, and direction, so is the eternal concert of the Sea organ unrepeatable in countless musical variations whose author and interpreter is the nature itself.


Transforming the energy of nature we communicate with it in the actual but symbolic way! C(Croatia)  for yourself!

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