The Special Private Tour in Croatia

What’s so special about ‘a private travel/tour ‘?

Croatia2Go Ikador
Croatia2Go Ikador

Really what’s so special about private travel or, in many cases, just a day trip?
It was very popular in the last century to travel in a group, whether the group consisted of people previously known or people you had just met on that journey. It was a different time and different people. O tempora, o mores ????.
People felt safer in the group, especially if the journey was to any of the ‘not so popular destinations.
Nowadays is completely different.

neretvanska lada neretva
neretvanska lada neretva

People are looking for some time just for themselves. That’s because- of too many working hours, too much information, and maybe a bad experience from the last holiday; too noisy companions, too slow or too fast, too annoying or just too much. (We all have been there and seen that).

And as years pass by,Turkish you just see how important your holiday is to you, and you won’t let anybody ruin it.
When you are a single traveler, you choose your travel agent and if you are lucky, you can get your own travel assistant. At that precise moment, your actual holiday begins.

MaslinaResort EXTERIOR NikolaRadovani 09 BeachBarVillaLitica
Maslina Resort photo by Nikola Radovanić, photo credit by Msslina Resort, Hvar, Croatia

That’s the time when your mind is traveling many times in a day to your desired destination, and your computer has the screensaver image of your next upcoming holiday.
Oh yes. These days are the best; expectations, aspirations, and planning.
You communicate with your private travel assistant at least every two weeks, and as I pointed out, You already travel. You Google, ask friends, and collect useful information.

7 The Great White Stone Beach swimming 1
7 The Great White Stone Beach swimming

And then The Day has come. D-day! Departure Day.
When your final destination is Croatia -I would like to be your own travel assistant!
We like our job! And we do whatever to ensure you have the most desirable Croatian Holiday.

Watersports 02

Let us help you create your private journey in Croatia. Meet the team of passionate professionals and enjoy Croatian Attractions.

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