“Three Women Artists”

Croatian Heritage Foundation is awarding Influential Croatian Women and Future leaders of 2018 and represents Multimedia Exhibition “Three Artists” n the Network of Croatian Women, whose inauguration will be held on March 9, 2018. at 13:00 h at the Croatian Heritage Foundation’s office (Stjepan Radić Square 3, Zagreb).


The exhibition is a cultural and artistic event within which the Croatian Heritage Foundation will organize reception for the laureate. This exhibition combines three artists whose cultural creativity and work is linked to the Croatian cultural scene.


By presenting the three visions and experiences of the world, the Croatian Heritage Foundation promotes innovative art practices and new forms of contemporary art expression and encourages the collaboration of Croatian artists from emigration through networking and linking with influential Croatians from all over the world.


The three artists who will exhibit are: Iva Batistić, Nada Franka Čakar and Ivana Tkalčić (the winner of the Women’s Influential Woman Award of 2018.)

Visit the exhibition and see for yourself!

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