Tim Roth sees Croatia much better

The British actor, known for his cult roles in Quentin Tarantino’s films, but also for the hit series “Lie to Me”, which is still being watched in Croatia today, arrived after six months of filming his new drama series from Liverpool to Zagreb to solve his vision problems forever.

Mr. Roth was seen on December 10th, 2019 at Hotel Esplanade reading messages on his cellphone, but what journalists and observers did not know is the fact that for the first time in over 40 years he was reading without glasses since he had had surgery in Zagreb’s Svjetlost Eye Clinic only a day earlier.

Tim Roth in Svjetlost Eye Clinic

Popular Hollywood actor at Svjetlost Eye Clinic

Professor Gabrić and his team operated Mr. Roth and his wife, Nikki, and installed the latest generation of extended focus multifocal lenses, Synergy, which has been on the market for less than half a year and is available exclusively at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic. Both of them saw excellent only a few hours after surgery and enjoyed the rich offer on Zagreb Advent.

“All my life I have believed that my left eye is visually impaired; in fact, I thought I saw less than 30% of it … I’ve seen many doctors in California and England who assured me that there was no hope for that eye and after only 2 hours in the Svjetlost Eye Clinic, I can perfectly see for the first time in my life! It’s just incredible. I can see perfectly at every distance with both eyes! “

Nikki, his wife before her visit to Croatia, was examined by a Los Angeles doctor who was trying to convince her not to go to the surgery but when she said she was going to Svjetlost Eye Clinic where Nikica Gabrić will operate her…her doctor told her, “I’ve checked who this Gabrić is and I think you should do it there!”.

Tim Roth in Svjetlost Eye Clinic

This actor is another in a series of actors operated at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic. It all really started with Armand Assante, who underwent surgery last year, he shared his experience with actors Franco Nero and Cassandra Gava, and they shared it with Ivana Trump and Tim Roth. They all chose Svjetlost Eye Clinic because they believed in Professor Gabrić and his team.

Tim Roth in Svjetlost Eye Clinic

“This is a confirmation that Svjetlost Eye Clinic is a world-renowned and recognized ophthalmic institution. Imagine if someone living in California and filming all over the world needed eye surgery, every doctor would be proud to have him, and I am most proud that Tim Roth and his wife chose me and my clinic,” said Professor Gabrić, who did not hide his enthusiasm for another in a series of world celebrities who entrusted him with their most valuable sense, eyes.

The Svjetlost Eye Clinic is Europe’s leading ophthalmic institution with 7 centers and over 210 employees. They have been recognized by over 400,000 patients and have performed over 135,000 eye surgeries, as well as numerous celebrities from the region and the world.

Tim Roth and dr. Nikica Gabroć with the team of Svjetlost Eye Clinic

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