TOYS AT HEART – a multimedia exhibition inspired by Croatian traditional culture

December 4th at 13.00 h – „TOYS AT HEART“ multimedia exhibition inspired by the Croatian traditional culture will take place at the Croatian Heritage Foundation at Stjepan Radić Square 3, in Zagreb.

The Croatian Heritage Foundation, in collaboration with the Croatian School of Boston and the Croatian Studies Foundation of Sydney, has launched a multimedia project, “TOYS AT HEART” inspired by Croatian traditional culture.

It is about the project of international cultural cooperation with Croatian schools, Catholic missions, societies and associations, and other relevant institutions out of the Republic of Croatia to encourage and develop the creativity of children and young people, with the teaching and promotion of Croatian traditional culture, nurturing of the Croatian language, interconnection and networking connection with the homeland of Croatia. It was intended that teachers or leaders in Croatian schools outside of Croatia, as well as parents and grandparents, creatively encourage and present the rich Croatian traditional heritage to the youngest by remembering their own childhood and old Croatian customs of their native land. More than two hundred children and about forty mentors from Australia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Italy, the USA, Serbia, Sweden, and Germany participated in the competition that was run from March to September.

The project has shown great interest among the Croats in emigration, minorities, and BiH, and in a special way linked several generations, networked the Croatian environment around the world, and contributed to the preservation of national identity.

The closing ceremony of this project is a multimedia exhibition of winning works that will take place on 4 December in the building of the Croatian Heritage Foundation. Works in four categories (art, photography, multimedia, and literary), works of collaborative schools from Croatia, and participants of the Small School of Croatian Language and Culture with the display of authentic wooden toys from the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb will create a unique multimedia story. With the participation of young Croatian designers from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, the past, the present, and the future will be linked, and the cycle of creation from tradition, through today’s interpretations of children’s creativity, to design interpretations. The program will start at 12 AM with HAI workshops – in honor of the „Croatian Authentic Toys“ and „Wood, “ and it will continue with the solemn opening of the exhibition and proclaiming the best works at 1 PM. The children from Bačko Monoštor (Vojvodina), Vira, Ljubuški, Čitluka and Sovića (BiH), Bregana, Škabrnja and Zagreb schools are coming to the opening of the exhibition.

The beauty of children’s excerpts and preserved childhood memories of parents and teachers, far from the homeland will crown the Croatian Heritage Foundation’s day by creating a unique multimedia exhibition!

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