VEAL KNUCKLE – The perfect main dish

If you have invited friends for lunch and you don’t know what to prepare…veal knuckle is a great choice when choosing a main course!


1 veal knuckle, salt, pepper, roasting pan, aluminum foil


Thoroughly salt, pepper and oil the knuckle the day before. Leave in the refrigerator overnight. In an oiled roasting pan (cover the bottom with oil) place the knuckle and cover with aluminum foil. Put in a heated oven on 180-200°C and roast for 3 hours. No need to check on meat during that time. After 3 hours, remove the foil and try if the meat is tender. (depends on the knuckle size). If not, cover again, and roast for a while. Near the end, remove the foil and roast for ten more minutes until crispy colored. Bask with oil a couple of times.

Practical tip:

Serve with bean salad in pumpkin oil.

Gastronomy of Croatia

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