Veli Lošinj Health Resort

You may have heard about the island of Mali Lošinjand its breathtaking nature which serves as a vitality restoration for anyone who visits.

And the healing powers of this island were recognized far in the 19th century when in the summer of 1885, on his cruise across the Adriatic Sea, Archduke Charles Stephen of Habsburg, the commander of the Austro-Hungarian navy, chose Veli Lošinj, a place on island of Mali Lošinj as the most suitable place for his vacation, due to the beauty of its scenery, vegetation and exceptionally favourable climate. He bought a piece of land and built his residential summer/winter house, villa “Wartsee” there.

Villa “Wartsee” was turned into a public climatic health resort in 1889 – a Hospital for Children’s Diseases (for children with scrofula and weak children…).
Three years later, in September 1892, the Austro-Hungarian Ministry of Health officially declared Veli Lošinj to be “Climatic Health Resort.“

It has continuously operated as a medical institution, children’s hospital and the health resort, since 1957, during which time it has acquired the domestic and international reputation of a health resort specialized for treatment of respiratory system diseases, asthma, allergies, and psoriasis, as well as physical medicine and rehabilitation.


The Resort is a climatic health resort because its programmes are based on advantages offered by natural environment on the location; mild Mediterranean climate which is characterised by a large number of hours of sun per year, exceptionally clean sea and air and large pine forests and Mediterranean undergrowth complexes at the very location of the Health Resort and in the surroundings.


The area is rich in remarkable natural resources, islands, and islets of the Lošinj archipelago, agricultural areas, attractive landscapes, mild climate, clean sea and environment, diverse Mediterranean vegetation, park-forests, zoological reserves and nature parks.




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