Vukovar area (Srijem)

Vukovar is the largest Croatian river port on the Danube in the Croatian part of Srijem. It is the administrative, educational, economic, and cultural center of Vukovar-Srijem County.
Vukovar is an old baroque city on the Danube, mentioned at the beginning of the 13th century as Volko, Walk, Wolkov (the Vukovo – in Croatian).
Since the 14th century, the Hungarian name Vukovar has been increasingly used, as Croatia was in a legal union with Hungary. Vukovar and the neighboring Ilok were the guardians of the Croatian identity in the Danube-Sava confluence during that period.
Vukovar lies on essential traffic routes. In the Roman period, the border road, the so-called Lime road, led along the right bank of the Danube, on which Cornacum, today’s Sotin, was an important station. Since ancient times, the Danube has also been navigated, and Vukovar is an important stop on that route.
The Vukovar Water Tower a symbol of Croatian unity ADMIN Jul 01 002851 2022 Conflict

The Water Tower of Vukovar

November in Croatia is, unfortunately, marked by a specific date that sparks heavy emotions in everyone who experienced the Croatian War of Independence. It’s November 18th,, and it marks the siege and fall of Vukovar, a city in the eastern…
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Iločki podrumi Stari podrum key image

Ilok Cellars – The place where wine is a lifestyle!

Vineyards of Ilok, Croatia, photo credit by Iločki podrumi Wines are reflecting the power of the mighty Danube, the pride of over two millennium’s old traditions, and the character of the unique terroirs of Principovac and Vukovo! Originality and elegance…
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055 predikat traminc 1999.

Ilok Original Estate Bottled Wine

Photo credit by Iločki podrumi The Original Estate Bottled Wine During the 1920s, Baron Philippe de Rothschild, proprietor of Chateau Mouton Rothschild, began persuading the owners of Bordeaux’s first growths that, to protect their reputation, their wines should be chateau…
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Croatian Attractions Principovac2

PRINCIPOVAC where winemaking is art and lifestyle!

One of the best wine-growing position in continental Croatia is situated on the hill called Principovac, 3.5 kilometers away from Ilok. Croatian-Attractions-Principovac.jpg At the time of Odescalchi princes, vineyards of Ilok cellar are grown and the family mansion was built.…
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You Can Now Try the Wine from Royal Wedding

To help royal couple fans enjoy this special day just as if they were witnessing the event at Windsor Castle, the Croatian wine project, the Wine and More, announces that the wine which is rumored to be served at the…
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