Wanna be someone else? Rijeka Carnival is a perfect place!

Rijeka Carnival, photo by www.visitRijeka.hr

Every single one of us, even just for a moment, wants to be someone else. So here’s the perfect chance – the 37th Rijeka Carnival!

With the traditional hanging of Pust (the physical manifest of all bad things that have happened over the past year), the coronation of the Queen of the Rijeka carnival who exudes carnival energy with her “golden cape” and with the handover of the key to the city, the 37th Rijeka carnival began on January 17th!


The famous Children’s carnival parade followed on February 8th, and on February 23rd we will all be honored to witness the grand International carnival parade that, in reality, is a competition of imagination, humor, and originality. The parade’s history dates way back to the 15th century but was officially held for the first time in 1982. when only 3 masqued troops marched through Rijeka’s longest street Korzo. Now, however, it is a beautiful mixture of fireworks of all shapes and colors, a parade of thousands of masques and an immeasurable audience from all around the world.


Rijeka Carnival, photo by www.visitRijeka.hr

The Rijeka Carnival is a tradition, a custom, a joy, an event that gives a recognizable and satirical look at current social events through the art of masks.

The Carnival created a so-called “fifth season”; the time of year when all values are shifted and when the Carnival becomes a way of life for the people of this region. In other words, during the Carnival, everything is normal and anything goes. One simply has to let go and experience how this tradition is preserved, but also created!

Rijeka Carnival, photo by www.visitRijeka.hr

The Rijeka Carnival was also recognized by the Sunday Times, which declared it one of the most exotic events in the world, and is included in the book “501 must be their events”.

That’s why The Rijeka Carnival is best experienced in person, on the spot – come and be whatever you want! Come to Rijeka Carnival from January 17th to February 26th, 2020!

See you there,

Vanja Celinić

Rijeka Carnival, photo by www.visitRijeka.hr

Rijeka Carnival, photo by www.visitRijeka.hr

Rijeka Carnival, photo by www.visitRijeka.hr


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