Wanna move to Croatia and start your own business?

Paul Bradbury and Kristina Ercegović


‘It’s not an April Fools’ joke’ was the opening words of 1stBusiness Café International event, ‘they did come to Croatia and started their own business.’

Yesterday, on April 1st, at Rooftop Lateral in Zagreb, Kristina Ercegović gathered more than 50 experienced Croatian and foreign entrepreneurs and representatives of the US and Swedish Embassy.

The intention of 1stBusiness Café International event was highlighting the opposite of migration trends, i.e. showing examples of entrepreneurs who moved to Croatia and started their businesses and make Croatia a country not just great to live in, but also attractive for doing business.

Kristina Ercegović, Business Café founder, promoted her vision of Croatia as one of the best places to live and work.

Paul Bradbury, a Brit, first lived on Hvar and now lives in Varaždin, the owner of Total Croatia News, and Natalia Zielinska, a Polish entrepreneur and the author of Natalia u zemlji čudesa/Natalia in Wonderland from Ogulin, shared their entrepreneurial stories. They also talked about the reasons why they moved to Croatia and how they do business here.

Paul owns several portals, while Natalia is an EU consultant who also runs Entrepreneur Academy in Ogulin.

The message they both shared with us is ‘STOP complaining, accept the term UHLJEB and treat it like some kind of a TAX that we all need to pay for living here, and do the best you can.’

Nepotism, corruption, and injustice were pointed out as ‘the issues’ and often the reason for massive emigration. Moreover, a lot of things don’t move forward usually because of the inertia at the lowest political level. Also, Croatians are traditionally too passive. The accept – not react.

Paul ended his presentation saying: “All foreigners go through three phases; first, there is joy and happiness to be here and enjoy the beauty and quality of life in Croatia. Then comes the sorrow; you can’t believe what is happening. And finally, you accept reality and do whatever to change at least one thing in your own bubble, your area of influence. Don’t expect to change Dalmatia/Croatia, rather expect Croatia to change you.”

Natalia Zielinska

Natalia Zielinska had similar comments, but the point of view is a bit different, being a woman makes things different, all over the world not only in Croatia. They both agreed that many initiatives exist and entrepreneurial stories should be shared and presented more often and this will eventually lead to the change of Croatian mindset, and for the sake of children to see and experience that success is possible in Croatia.

The audience enjoyed the presentations and later continued to exchange their own experiences with Paul and Natalia.

The event was sponsored by Diglossia Translations Company, Lisak Catering, and Domelly. Media coverage provided Total Croatia News, Croatia2go, Samo pozitivno, Media Marketing, and WIA.

Business Café events have been organized for the past 9 years, in 7 countries and 25 cities with more than 20 000 visitors, 300 guest speakers/entrepreneurs, more than 30 million euro deals have been made thanks to networking at Business Cafe, countless friendships, partnerships, and investments.

Next scheduled Business Cafe International is scheduled on June 3rd, August 26thand October 14th2019.

Looking forward to see you!

Roof Top by Catering Lisak

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