Wellness Yachting? Combine pleasure with health! 

Marin Bosotina is a pioneer in the business of so-called preventive medicine, which focuses on the cause, not the consequence, of which the task is not to cure the symptoms, but to ensure that the symptoms do not even occur. Preventive medicine is the core of his interest.

In February 2015, he sold his shares of Alvimedica Heart Center to dedicate his time to transfer his experience to people in need. Marin Bosotina, CEO and Founder at Clinic Analiza in Split Croatia. Master of Pharmacy, specialized in Anti-aging and Esthetic Medicine, with long-term experience in the application of Stem Cells, Genetics and Individualized Supplementation, Cosmetic Projects in Prevention, Predictive and Personalized Medicine. 

A Former Vice-president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia, and a Co-founder of Chronolab de Mexico in Mexico City.

Preventive medicine is the core of his interest

As the son of a urologist, Marin Bosotina has always been “dragged to change something, to do something good for a man for society”, so his friends from a young age were not surprised by his choice of pharmacy studies and subsequently a graduate degree in medical biochemistry. “I loved what I was doing, but as I had to work for free during my post-graduation year, for every chemical I had to ask my mom and dad to give me money. This personal poverty prompted me to go into business so that one day I could have my laboratory where I could realize my ideas. Because it takes money to realize ideas.” he says. Not even abroad, to which he had imprinted in his twenties, had he been abandoned by his obsession with time. The first company he opened in 1986 in the German city of Freiburg was named Chrono Consulting, according to the Greek word Chronos, time.

Combine pleasure with health!

His new project is a Grace Wellness Yachting. While indulging yourself in the comfort of Grace, cruising the spectacular ports of the Adriatic Sea, pampered by an excellent crew and chef, you will learn how to live a better, healthier life for a better, healthier body. During a wellness cruise, clients will have access to a personal doctor, nutritionist, sports coach, yoga, and meditation experts on a separate boat to provide complete privacy.


He created this concept for those who believe that wellbeing is a holistic matter of treating both body and soul. This is the result of the experience he gathered in the past decades of his professional and private life. Working with cutting-edge principles of anti-aging medicine, he gathered knowledge on how different parts of our everyday life – food, cosmetics, supplements, and exercise – can be adapted to each person’s unique genetic code. Just like every individual is unique in his needs, thoughts, and relationship with others, the approach to our wellbeing should be, contrary to the mass market pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, that are trying to convince us we are all the same.

He developed Grace Wellness Yachting, combining the experience of a luxurious yacht he especially likes while cruising around the seas of the world in his free time and his profession of anti-aging medicine with a professional crew. The plan is to provide a unique program ideal for every person. With a professional crew of previously mentioned doctors, yoga teachers, nutritionists, and a sports coach, you will learn how to exchange bad habits for good ones, without losing the feeling of pleasure. Experience the best weeks in your life that will serve you in the future for a healthier and better quality of life!

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