What attracts tourists in Croatia?

You may not believe it, but according to the research of the most googled search terms by tourists traveling to Croatia…

What attracts tourists in Croatia?

Croatian traditional cuisine is in the top five most frequently searched terms!

Actually, we are not surprised by the great interest in Croatian cuisine.

The diversity of our regions and different influences during the years have created a unique cuisine. Amazing food and quality wines prove a great potential as a top gourmet destination and we have to admit, we all especially love a good food experience!


With so many dishes and ingredients to choose from fresh aromatic herbs, fruit, vegetables, domestic animals, sea salt, sugar, white and red wine, olive and pumpkin oil, apple vinegar…

Croatian cuisine has become extremely rich and diverse. Tourists are especially delighted with the sweet taste of homemade cornbread, prosciutto, olives, the smell of cooked sausages with cabbage, cabbage rolls, blood-sausages, salty sardines, Dalmatian pašticada, the taste of strudel from Zagorje, pork cracklings and of course, they are crazy about the Medditerannean touch and the taste you will encounter on the Dalmatian coast!




Now that we have already mentioned the Dalmatian coast, we have to point out a few words about one of the most attractive coasts in the world. It is particularly attractive because of the crystal clear sea, archipelago with numerous islands, beautiful beaches and historical towns such as Zadar, Šibenik, Trogir, Split, Dubrovnik…

Dalmatia is the pearl of the Adriatic. Every year attracts millions of tourists!


How about Dubrovnik?

Located in the extreme south of Adriatic, this enchanting city is well-known for its remarkable City Walls. There is no place in the world like a Dubrovnik and you will understand what we are talking about as soon as you reach the City Walls 1940 meters long, one of the most beautiful and well-preserved fortification systems in Europe!


The list goes on…

Croatia is much more than an attractive summer destination! The number of National and Nature Parks proves that we are one of the countries with the most beautiful natural spots in the world! Tourists are delighted with the untouched nature of National parks and the diversity of flora and fauna.


Have you ever heard of a stunning natural treasure located on Biševo Island also known as the Blue Cave (Blue Grotto)? We often get a lot of questions about this natural wonder. This beautiful cave is accessible to the public for guided visits and it truly is something special because of the glowing blue light that appears at certain times of the day.

Why Croatia?

No matter are you looking to visit attractions such as ancient Roman amphitheaters, medieval churches, castles or something more contemporary, Croatia truly offers it all.

Croatia is a small country and it’s super easy to get around!

The territorial position of the Republic of Croatia is definitely a priority and the transport infrastructure has a significant impact on the competitive ability of Croatian tourism.

Now, you only need to set up the dates for your visit to Croatia!

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