What to do in Zagreb – selections of Croatia attractions

Highlights and tours in Zagreb and from Zagreb

Zagreb is an ideal cit to use up every single day you’re staying there. Being not as big as most European capitals, it gives you the opportunity to wander and explore all kinds of mutually different things that suit any taste. Either you’re a nature lover, an art enthusiast, or merely a hedonist that enjoys a bit of all in moderation, Zagreb works itself as Croatia’s maybe biggest attraction because it offers you so much in a relatively small space.



If not sure where to start while in Zagreb, a walking city tour of the city will give you a great start.
When you get to know the city better, you are ready to explore the secrets of Upper town.







Feel it’s historical background, visit attractions like St. Mark’s Church, Museum of Broken Relationships and Bloody Bridge.  Treat yourself to a guided tour so you don’t miss anything from this historical jewel ( p.s. Don’t forget to visit the Museum of Zagreb and Museum of Naive art while being here!).

St. Mark’s Square, Zagreb, photo by Matko M. Švarc



The authentic gas lamp-lit twice a day by lamplighters-Gornji_grad/Upper town

Downtown on a Saturday forenoon? Visit Zagreb’s main attraction, the Dolac market, located just above the central Ban Jelačić square and after that take a rest and enjoy a cup of coffee in Crowdy Tkalčićeva street or Cvjetni Square / Flower Square, the IT destinations during weekend and coffee rest.


Zagreb, Flower square photo by Matko M. Švarc

In case you feel like walking in a more natural environment, in the very center you have the historical Zrinjevac park, an excellent venue which seems like it isn’t a part of the city at all.

Sea of books, Park Zrinjevac, Zagreb

Did you know that you can also take a walk in nature and see various kinds of animals or plants?
Read about Maksimir and Botanical Garden!

Maksimir, Zagreb, photo by Matko M. Švarc

Not far away from the city center, Zagreb offers two locations for those who would enjoy more than just a stroll in nature. Jarun and Bundek are two big recreational parks with artificial lakes that offer comfortable pastime for visitors of all ages and preferences. Walking, jogging, street workout, skate parks, and more, all are available for spending quality time, alone or in the company.
Other interesting spots in Zagreb also include the Museum of Arts and Crafts and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

And after seeing the highlights of Zagreb, did you know you can take many exciting tours from Zagreb to exciting locations few hours away?  Some of the tours are;

Plitvice Lakes 

Sastavci in fall, Photo credit by NP Plitvice lakes


Zagorje region


Veliki Tabor Castle, Zagorje, Croatia, photo by Siniša Žnidarec


Neanderthal Museum



Samobor and Rimac electric car factory

Besides tours to Croatian attractions, from Zagreb, you can visit some wonderful spots in Slovenia, also just a few hours away! So book now:




Ljubljana and Lake Bled

Ljubljana and Postojna

Sparkling wine tasting and Deer Reef


Croatian Attractions – highlights of your holiday!



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