What’s Croatia like?

We are very curious about what you first associate with Croatia. Is it Croatian checkerboard, a cravat, or colorfully decorated biscuits made of sweet honey dough known as “Licitar”? You may have already visited Croatia, or your closest friends and family brought a souvenir to remind them of the quality time spent on a holiday in Croatia and sharpen their nice memories. You may have spent the summer on the Croatian coast or just planning a vacation in the cozy ambiance of your home, imagining holidays from your dream while reading about our culture and making an ideal picture or a list of the sites you would like to visit to make the most of the time and share the impressions with the closest ones. There is a lot of “maybe,” and we can not know the reason for your trip and what you know from before, so it would be best if we briefly describe “What is Croatia like?”

Few words about the political geography of Croatia…travelers from Germany

Croatia was declared independent in 1991 and was internationally recognized in 1992. Croatia has 128 cities and 21 counties, of which the city of Zagreb has the status of a county, and it is a unique territorial and administrative unit, separated from the “Zagreb Ring”, which became a separate county of Zagreb.

Lavender fields, Brač stone, clear blue sea, vineyards, Mediterranean Cuisine, and Homemade Olive Oil…are just some of the ideas that might attract your interest!

Natural Parks and Nature Parks will confirm your choice of choosing Croatia as the next destination for your holiday.  Expect many beautiful lakes and waterfalls, islands and oceans, lush vegetation, and magnificent flora and fauna providing a breathtaking image!

A pleasant climate is another reason. In the lowland, Croatia dominates the moderately warm climate with warm summers and cold winters with frequent snowfall. Expect a Fairytale Christmas if you choose to visit the capital in winter because the Advent offer in Zagreb is very strong, holding the title of the best advent in Europe for the second year in a row!

Croatia2go NIna Bogdan Hvar 14 1024x768
Croatia2go NIna Bogdan Hvar 14 1024×768

The Croatian seaside dominates the Mediterranean climate with the hot summers and cold winters, while in the Gorski Kotar region is a snowy forest climate zone and lower areas belong to the warm-moderate rainy climate zone. The region of Gorski Kotar is the smallest inhabited area of Croatia, but there are three enchanting National Parks, so it is an excellent choice for nature lovers who are saturated with city noise.

Are you looking for a dream vacation? The Adriatic coast is due to the numerous coves and bays among the three most indented coasts in Europe. Sandy, pebble or rocky beaches, popular or hidden, rich in content .. it is up to you to decide!

Choose Croatia and C for yourself!

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