When does the touristic season begin?


Being in the business of tourism for last ten years I heard so many talking about how the touristic season should start earlier and end later. But, no one ever defined ‘earlier’ and ‘later.’ It seems to me that these two very common words belong to a ‘Must use politicians idioms’!
Yesterday, on the national television, the anchor (host) said;’…in the upcoming touristic season’. It was 30th of May. When is the season about to start? And when finally starts, how long will last?
And what period is the ‘earlier’? And how long does it last? And again, the same questions with the ‘later’?
If you are in tourism – you know that the season is too short for all the investments and for finding and replacing the workers, for finally get to the break-even point. Hopefully before the end of the season!!!

So, we are very touchy about ‘the beginning of the season.’ What bothers me and all of my colleagues is that ‘the beginning and the end’ are related to Croatians. Lake that makes sense?!? Does the season belong to Croatians?


According to many researches, the best time for having the holiday in Croatia is definitely from April, for all who do not come only for the SB&S (sun, beach, and sea) till the end of June. And again from 20th August until the 15th of October.


Why? Prices are more reasonable, it’s not crowded, it’s peaceful, and all the services are better (no one is tired of ‘fooreshty/foreigners’). Temperatures are much more pleasant, from 15 to 30 C degrees. The sea and the weather are excellent, especially from August, still very warm, and tranquil. In May and June, maybe the sea won’t be as warm, but it will be great for long walks till late in the evening, as the daylight is very long. And even sun tanning is very pleasant because the temperature is pleasant. The smell of spring is still in the air and all around is green and in blossom.

Spring and first half of Autumn must be the peak of the season, and all will then be clear.
What do I mean?
I mean that the pre-season would, then, start in the second half of March. The peak of the season will be in May and June. Lower season, crowded, hot and humid will be in July and August, and again ‘the peak’ in September and at the beginning of October.
And – it is so. When you appreciate yourself and want to get the best for your Croatian holiday, you would choose it like that. But if you like to wait at every entrance, lines at the restaurant, walk in the group around Plitvice Lakes. Krka or Dubrovnik, it’s up to you. But, if you want to get the best, I mean The best, ask your travel agent to book your holiday in the spring or autumn.
I’m sure you’ll remember this article sooner or later, and thanks to me and you the anchor (or host) on the national television will finally get to it.


Andreja Horvatić 
editor, and travel agent of Croatian Attractions

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