When you see Pazin and Motovun – you’ll think you are the part of a fairy tale

Pazin and Motovun
At first sight, you might think that the main Istrian attractions are located on the coastal side, but that’s just half the truth. In the very middle of the peninsula, you’ll find two hidden treasures which are a must when visiting Istria! Pazin is not just any city, it’s the administrative center of Istria and is located in-between mountainous area which gives it a perfect continental climate with warm summers. Taking into consideration how humid summer on the coast can be, this is the perfect place for those who don’t want to get refreshed continually under the A/C. The historical importance of Pazin lies in its huge role as the place where national literacy of the 19th century was cherished which made it an important location for educating newer generations from Istria and the city also holds the name “The heart of Istria.”


Nearby Pazin, on the top of a hill, you’ll come across a little town of Motovun which far in the past served as a fortress but today is a top spot for everyone interested in architecture, history, and movies.
This little Istrian jewel was first inhabited by Celtics and from that moment on, many nations and cultures found their home on that very ground. The influence of all the cultures from various historical periods is more than visible when passing through the city which counts less than 1000 people living there. The inner part of Motovun originates from the 13th century and the square (named after composer Andrea di Montona) with the St. Stephen church date back to 16th and 17th century. Today Motovun is famous among movie fans because of the traditional Motovun film festival held every summer. And when you get an urge to let all the stress out, there’s acres and acres of hills and woods where you can jog, walk, laugh, scream and let it all out. No wonder Istrian people are so relaxed, so why not try?



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