Who is Apoxyomenos?

Croatian Apoxyomenos or Lošinj Apoxyomenos is a bronze antique statue (apoxicus) from the 2nd or 1st cent. BC, found in 1996. and erected in 1999 at the sea in Lošinj.

Apoxyomenos, a bronze statue from ancient Greece dates from the 2nd or 1st centuries BC, a Hellenistic copy of a statue from the 4th century BC. It is 192 cm tall and is an athlete who cleanses his body with a scraper (Greek word “Apoxyomenos” means “scraper”). Although it is considered that this artistic motif was not unusual, there are only eight such statues in the world, and this one is best preserved. The statue was discovered by the tourist on the sea floor near the island of Lošinj. How did the statue reach the sea floor? It is assumed that during a storm the crew of the ship threw it across the deck to prevent the sinking of the ship. After being discovered in 1999, the Apoxyomenos restoration lasted seven years. Apoxyomenos today has its own museum on Lošinj.

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