Who is cooking today?

What’s for lunch today?

As we wrote before – ‘what’s for the lunch’ is the most common sentence you hear in Croatia. But if you decide to stay for a while, this would be the most common phrase you’re going to utter…So, just get used to asking that in Croatia. It would be great if you can learn it – to surprise the chef in the local restaurants 🙂

In case you need it – Što je za ručak ? (shto ye za ruchak?) Try to sound very serious and hungry! .-)

You can be hungry at any time, but you can cook when you have time to do it properly! And enjoy!

Who is cooking today?

When you see fresh mushrooms,  homemade pasta like ‘tagliatelle,’ homemade bacon, and cooking cream…What’s on your mind? Oh, yes, it’s a fast thought- where are parsley and some parmiggiano?

Oh yes!

We can hear your mind…

You are the right person for our cooking class!

When is the most convenient day for you?

Looking forward to cooking with you!

Our cooking class the highlight of your Croatian holiday!

Join us on our cooking classes, and it will be a lot of them; different but authentic recipes will be in Antonia’s beautiful kitchen and fairytale house!

Just book your cooking class and cook with us traditional Croatian dishes!

Our cooking class the highlight of your Croatian holiday!

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