„Wind power“ by Mate Turić

Join us at the sculpture exhibition „Wind power” by the young sculptor Mate Turić (Mata CROata) at the National Library Vrbovec.
How to catch the wind, how to curb it, how to steer it, stop it, and ultimately how it can be seen in stone?
The invisible current that spreads and fills the sails, catches them, lifts them and ties them all under the hands of the sailor who wraps the sails on a mast when leaving co-operation with the wind, and by this act restrains the power of wind, and sometimes his anger.

All these stages are closely monitored, created, interpreted and imagined by the young sculptor in his work devoted to sails and wind. Without the wind the sails stand sorrowfully, helpless to launch a boat. Thus, although it is invisible, the wind is still very present in the work of Mate CROata. Visible and yet invisible just like the wind power that drives the artist to this challenging and painstaking work of stone casting and stone processing that will be the proof of the incredible wind power.

As the wind comes and passes and leaves a visual and spatial trace, in the miles, waves and shapes of sails that are caught and driven, as well as the inner driving force and the external experience of the scalpel’s hand, heart, and mind, in order to mix the skill as intense with emotions, metaphors, symbols, with an immanent tale that grows in author’s thoughts, and becomes a reason for exploring and innovating forms, in the strictly predetermined theme of stone sails.

This spiritual dimension of every piece of work is freed from the moment when the spectator feels at least a fraction of the beauty and pleasure that comes from her acceptance. It was made of shapes, proportions, aesthetics from the visual, tactile and symbolic field of perception by Mate Turić, Mata CROATA, who plays with imagination, creates forms of the abstract openness to associative forms that have abandoned the mimesis and have already transposed into symbolic and associative imagery. Stone sails with their plurality and in the ambiance (like Rastoke) return the memory to their original origin.

When we add the idea of wind to the Stone sails of Mate Turić, we have strengthened the opposition pairs of ideas and realization: soft and hard, movable and immobile, visible and invisible, etc., which constitute a synergic classical visual.

This exhibition is also a part of eco-art, the idea of reconciling the subject from the broken and discarded pieces of material waste; the sails are created from linking the stone parts to the whole, which because of their “ready-made” tasks represent entirely new and different shapes. This means that art affirms itself as spiritual power or magic, and at the same time raises social awareness that nothing in the world should be superfluous, but part of ecological harmony and equilibrium.

The strongest recommendation from croatia2go.com and looking forward to see Stone sails of Mate Turić at many museums and exhibitions.

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