Wine and More Gift Your Father Always Secretly Dreamt Of

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and this being such a special occasion, you surely want to give away something exclusive that Dad might like! Maybe your tastes are a bit unpredictable, you’ve spent some time looking for the perfect gift and you still do not know what could impress him in the way you want it.

Well here is the solution. A good wine is something that can please and impress anyone, even the super-dad. That’s why Wine and More offers you a selection of the best Croatian wines, which make a perfect Father day present!

Ivančić Griffin Dark Side

This sparkling wine, known as the nascent star of Croatia is characteristic for its aromatic power; a floral essence is very fresh and pleasant to the palate that will immerse your Dad in a total ecstasy.




Josić Cuvee 2016



This wine is an unusual combination of “Bordeaux-Burgundy” of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir, which is still special. It is elegant on the palate, with a special flavor of black pepper and coffee beans. A gift that your Dad will never forget!



Saint Hills ET Sin 2012

If it´s about a special wine, we must certainly take into account this jewel of Croatian winemaking. Its aroma is enriched with light smoke and vanilla, giving it an exceptional freshness. We consider it the ideal wine to spend the Father´s day in the family!






Trapan malvazija Uroboros 2015



If your father is a wine lover, then this would be the ideal choice to give him. A wine with varied flavors that oscillate between peach, damask and apple. Perfectly dosed with vanilla oak barrels. It is soft and pleasant to the palate, with excellent balance between the variety of grapes and wood.





Bibich Ambra

This wine from Croatia is internationally recognized for its quality. It is a Prosek wine (don’t confuse with prosecco!) produced from dried grapes of the Debit and Maraština varieties using the passito method. It has a sweet and strong flavor tinged with dried figs, carob, vanilla, and raisins. Undoubtedly, an ideal wine to taste after dinner on the Father´s day!



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