Wine & More Must-Do List for a National Wine Day

The National Wine Day on May 25this TODAY, and the Croatian wine project Wine&More believes you absolutely can’t miss out on celebrating this occasion. Wine&More, the experts in wine and everything-in-between, know the best ways to make this day special and have prepared some delicious wine suggestions to pair with every mood.

Congrats to all winemakers!! And, the only question is: red or white?

Go Rouge   

Red wine classics embodied in a bottle of Josić Ciconia Nigra Cuvée Superior(2013)from one of the fastest growing wineries in Croatia, created with respect to century-old traditions. This is a top quality dry red wine, made from an exquisite mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Shiraz. Elegant and long wine, featuring a pronounced nose of leather and tobacco.


Netflix & Wine 

Add some romantic vibes to your wine tasting with a glass G&J Tvoja Krv i Moja(2013), which translates to English as “Your Blood and Mine”. The creation of this wine is the story of Gino and Jadranka (G&J) who fell in love with winemaking while they were living in Paris, coming up with the idea to unite French winemaking traditions and Croatian grapes. Tvoja Krv i Mojais a perfect blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot where two grapes highlight the best of each other.


Get Inspired 

One of the rare cases when the wine literally speaks to you: Stina Pošip(2016) bottle explicitly says “For Inspiration”. Made from a Croatian variety Pošip, this wine is coming from an island of Brač, a home for many generations of poets, sculptors, artists and other creative minds. Drawing inspiration from the white stone of Brač, the symbol of beauty but also a hardship of viniculture, Stina Pošip is a truly full white wine, perfectly pairing with fish, veal or marinated poultry.


Do Dolce Vita

Benvenuti Malvazija Istarska(2017) from Benvenuti family is a fresh but strong wine for a true enjoyment – the embodiment of Dolce Vita in a glass. Malvasia Istriana (Malvazija Istarska) is recognized as one of the most important indigenous Croatian varieties, coming from the stepped wineyards located almost 400 meters above the sea. Citrus, meadows, fresh grass, a pinch of lemon and salt – the wine is a true gem.

Re-Discover Zinfandel

Love Zinfandel? Then you should try this wine. Kaštelanski Crljenak is basically a Croatian variety of Zinfandel. Soft and smooth, Matela Crljenak kaštelanski(2013) is your perfect choice for any occasion. Matela family has a long history of wine making, preserving traditions and using the best contemporary practices, they produce all red wines on their natural yeasts to keep their uniqueness and individuality.

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