You Can Now Try the Wine from Royal Wedding

To help royal couple fans enjoy this special day just as if they were witnessing the event at Windsor Castle, the Croatian wine project, the Wine and More, announces that the wine which is rumored to be served at the Royal Wedding of the year, is now available on their website.

According to many sources, Croatian Traminac 2015 from Iločki Podrumi winery was chosen as the wine of the table for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle special day. The couple chose the very same wine, which was served at Queen Elizabeth II coronation 65 years ago.

Traminac 2015 is the superior quality dry white wine with a very unique and distinctive taste and smell. The grape produces aromatic and very floral wines, which makes it easily recognizable right from the moment when you pour the wine in a glass: it announces itself with sensual aromas of roses, honey and raisins.This noble wine has a rich, complex, harmonious and sweet taste.

To try Traminac 2015 and explore more of Croatian wine, head to Wine and More website:

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