The region of Zagorje has given to Croatian culture some of the best dishes to be found. Although many associate Croatian cuisine with Dalmatia and seafood, it’s the continental gastronomy that all Croats relate as “soul food”.
The famous dish we all grew up with is the Zagorje strudel – štrukli. Simple in preparation and delicious in taste, this delicious cheese pastry is ideal for an appetizer or a healthy snack, so roll up your sleeves and get down to business (and thank us later)!


Dough ingredients:250 g hard flour,250 g soft flour,1 egg,50 ml oil,300 ml water, salt; Filling ingredients:750 g cottage cheese,2 eggs, salt; Dressing ingredients:½ cooking cream;


Stir the dough ingredients until the mixture turns sticky, split in half. Form two dough balls, moisten with oil and cover to rest for 30 minutes. Sprinkle cloth-covered table with some flour, then roll out the dough with a rolling pin. Mix filling ingredients together, and spread over the bottom layer. Roll in the dough to form a strudel, cut into small to medium-sized slices. Bring water to boil, add oil and salt, put in strudels. Wait to boil again, leave to simmer for 3 minutes. Take out cooked strudels and place them in a greased baking pan, pour over cooking cream and bake on 180 degrees until gold crispy.

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