Zagreb got a brand new heritage hotel

ZAGREB-Capital hotel, front desk

Zagreb, the Croatian capital become home to another amazing hotel in the strictest center of the city.
In the last year, there has been much construction work done in the very heart of Zagreb at the corner of Jurišićeva and Palmotićeva street and the amazing heritage hotel named “Amadria Park Hotel Capital” was finally ready to open its doors to guests with its 111 rooms for leisure and business travelers.
But the building of the hotel is not new, no! It is an old, early 20th-century building that every local from Zagreb would recognize so the hotel will definitely save the true spirit of the building and the location.

Capital hotel, bar


The new heritage hotel

The new heritage hotel has an eclectic style, reflecting its century-old charm from the Secession and Art Deco eras with Art nouveau elements interpreted in a modern fashion, depicting the hotel’s visual identity. The hotel representatives stressed out that the guests can enjoy the impeccable quality and first-class service – provided with every attention to detail.



Capital hotel ZAGREB-bar and coffee shop


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