Zagreb in figures

The City Office of Strategic Planning and Development of the City of Zagreb has decided to show a new side of the Croatian metropolis in light of the 90th anniversary of the city’s statistics. We present to you a rare version of Zagreb, one with facts you can’t easily „google“ and find out!


The modern European metropolis with a population over 800,000 is a city that is always on the move – more than 770,000 passengers go through the city’s public transportation every day! With 177 public transit lines, you can experience a day in the Zagreb life through the windows of trams, buses, trains or the shortest funicular in the world!


What does an average day in Zagreb look like, you ask? For every 10,6 marriages, only 3,8 of them end in divorce. If you add 22,6 live births to that equation, it seems like we do have a good shot at survival, and love is definitely still in the air.

Interestingly enough, even though more boys are born here (52.2%), women still prevail in the overall population of the city with 53.1%. Girls also slightly dominate not only high schools (50,8%), but universities as well (57,5%)!

Zagreb as only a few know it

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatian artists and culture – a city with the largest number of theatres and museums in Croatia. They are definitely loved by the people of Zagreb, theater, and museums, as proven by numbers! Theaters and museums record over 1.8 million, and cinemas over two million visitors annually.

We are especially proud of the fact that as many as 75,3% of the city is green spaces! Zagreb, the city that lives on the river Sava and the 16th meridian, is one of the most attractive European metropolises to live in. It boasts in its numerous parks and recreation centers – Maksimir, Jarun, Bundek, but also the Medvednica Nature Park on its namesake mountain in the immediate vicinity of the city.

It is definitely reassuring to know where we can take shelter when it’s too hot like it was in 1950. when Zagreb recorded its highest reached temperature – 40,3 degrees Celsius (104,5 degrees Fahrenheit)! Eight years prior, however, the city recorded its coldest day ever, when it reached -22,2 degrees Celsius (-7.96 degrees Fahrenheit).

Zagreb is a sports city with a healthy spirit, with almost a thousand registered sports associations. With its numerous sporting events, ranging from marathons to bizarre events such as donkey races, its aim is to serve as an example to other Croatian cities as well as cities abroad.


But the real treasures of Zagreb come out in winter – the best Christmas fair in Europe, Advent in Zagreb, recorded over 135,000 visitors last year, 68% of which were foreigners!

Meet the new side of Zagreb and find yourself in our capital!


Vanja Celinić

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