Zagreb simbols photo by Matko M. Švarc
Zagreb simbols photo by Matko M. Švarc
Zagreb simbols photo by Matko M. Švarc
Local people call ZagrebBeli Zagreb grad‘, which means White city of Zagreb (‘beli’ is white, in Kaykavian dialect, typical in Zagreb).

Is Zagreb a white or a blue city?

In fact, Zagreb is much more blue than white. Its famous football team Dinamo is in blue jerseys, trams, busses, and funicular are blue. And people in Zagreb subconsciously consider Zagreb as a blue city.
You should decide for yourself, whether is white or blue.

Zagreb stands here for more than 11 centuries

Zagreb stands here (more or less, even much smaller) for more than 11 centuries. Zagreb wasn’t the capital of Croatia all of that time. To be honest, there was no Croatia for all this time, but Zagreb was here.
People, locals, originally from Zagreb, call themselves Purgers. The word came from german (as Zagreb was under the significant influence of Germans and Austrians), and in its origin word, ‘burg‘ means city. So, Purgers are citizens.
Today there are much fewer Purgers. Many left Zagreb to live someplace else in Croatia or around the world. Purgers consider themself citizens, cultural, sophisticated, influential, and so.

Where are The Purgers?

As – somehow, as time passes,  the primary purpose of their influence in Zagreb is lost; they just disappeared or became invisible. But, if you look closely and you know what you search for, or how Purgers behave, talk, or comport….you’ll find them with their umbrellas, walking sticks, hats, and raincoats. You’ll see them in the parks of Zagreb how when they feed the pigeons or walk the dog… Purgers are here, silent and puzzled with the changes in their beloved city, a white or a blue, their Zagreb.

Our Zagreb, video by Matko M. Švarc

Zagreb is a modern European metropole of ageless beauty

Today Zagreb is the city of all Croatians, and it’s not the same like it was 30 or more years ago when the majority of today Zagreb’s inhabitants came to live here. It was cozier, more ‘likable,’ more charming. But, let’s face it, today is Zagreb prettier, modern, still very green town (as we started this story with colors 🙂 because of its many parks. Zagreb has streets full of terraces, coffee bars, restaurants like every modern metropole. One of the most important Christmas markets happens here. Zagreb has its international airport, museums, churches of all religions, cathedral,  river Sava, mountain Medvednica, a nature park. In Zagreb, you can ski in the wintertime! And,  you’re less than two hours driving far from the Adriatic coast.
My family and I are originally from Zagreb. (is that a curse or a blessing, I don’t know 🙂 Both, for all of us, from Zagreb.

The heart of Zagreb 

I love my city, and all who ever come to Zagreb, even for a visit, love Zagreb. Zagreb is a lovable town.  Even the most significant emblem and souvenir of Zagreb is The heart. Licitarsko Srce/ Licitar heart (colorfully decorated biscuits made of sweet honey dough).
Editor in chief Andreja Pruša Horvatić
Licitar souvenir by Croatian Attractions
Licitar souvenir by Croatian Attractions
Licitar souvenir by Croatian Attractions
Licitar heart
Licitar heart
Licitar heart
People, tourists, friends – almost always take one of its heart to remember Zagreb forever.
But Zagreb still has many hearts for all of you!
Andreja Pruša Horvatić,
editor in cheif
Advent u Zagrebu 2019 J. Duval

This Christmas, all roads lead to Zagreb

We sincerely look forward to this year’s Advent in Zagreb, which will light its first candle on Saturday, November 26, at Ban Jelačić Square at 5:00 p.m. At 6:00 p.m., the opening of Gornji Grad (The Upper town) locations follows;…
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Green Buzzg ENG 1


Thinking of Zagreb, you will likely think of the wide-open spaces and parks, the vibes on its streets and the freedom of walking, cycling, sightseeing, or just… hanging out! Zrinjevac, park in Zagreb, photo by J. Duval , photo credit…
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izvor TZGZ 3

Let’s rediscover The Courtyards in Zagreb

Zagreb’s award-winning cultural tourist attraction “Dvorišta – The Courtyards” are back again this summer. Photo by S. Kaštelan, photo credit by TB of the City of Zagreb This beloved attraction makes the usually closed-off parts of our town, secret backyards,…
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Zagreb Classic M. MIhaljevic

Zagreb Classic – Heavenly sounds under open skies

This June, a renowned festival will once again gather lovers of excellent classical music to one of the most beautiful squares in Zagreb.  Photo by M. MIhaljević, Zagreb Classic, The square of King Tomislav, Zagreb, Croatia, photo credit by TB…
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MaliZagreb karta 480x680 mm CMYK 300dpi FINAL TISAK KRIVULJE MaliZagreb kartaW

Stop, look down… and find the Little Zagreb

Some stories are always welcome – like the story of Little Zagreb! Again, the “Little Zagreb” project started. This year, the unique project made of miniature installations is in Zagreb once more. It is a series of miniature installations set…
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The unique robot restaurant Bots & Pots in Zagreb is officially opened! Photo credit by WORLD’S FIRST ROBOT RESTAURANT Bots & Pots, Zagreb, Croatia, WORLD’S FIRST ROBOT RESTAURANT Bots & Pots WORLD’S FIRST ROBOT RESTAURANT Bots & Pots, based on…
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Foto Sanjin StrukicPIXSELL izvor jpg

Easter customs of Zagreb fakins! 

Zagreb fakini (fakin meaning; ‘dude’ or ‘guy’, rowdy and hooligan) used to practice the old Croatian Easter tradition of daying eggs (pisanica). But fakins do not paint ordinary eggs. Their target was the “eggs” of King Tomislav’s horse at Zagreb’s…
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Zagreb izvor TZGZ


This year, celebrating Easter as the biggest Christian holiday, the Tourist Board of Zagreb is donating to the City of Zagreb 2 free Easter concerts on “Easter Monday “– April 18.  Lado Ansamble, Podravina ( Podravski svati ) Photo by…
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Let it be the Festival of Lights in Zagreb 

Spring and light have always been two intertwined terms. Spring is like a gentle awakening from winter sleep: the days are longer, the light falls on the towns and forests, rivers and mountains. It brings life onto the streets, into…
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The City of Zagreb and its surroundings received its first edition of the world gastronomic guide Gault & Millau Croatia – Zagreb and surroundings 2022. The bilingual (Croatian / English) edition of the guide brings reviews and photos of 100…
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Photo by M. Švarc Zagreb Croatia 1

Things you definitely didn’t know about Zagreb

Wherever you’re going for your STAYcation, no doubt you’ll explore facts and trivia of the location you’re heading.  We are proud to be one of the most comprehensive platforms about Croatia and all the information you need when coming to…
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Zagreb Hotel Le Premier Croatia photo by Le Premier Hotel

Le Premier Boutique Hotel Zagreb

If you go to Croatia, you’ll most likely, at some point, end up in Zagreb, no matter what your final destination may be.   Experiencing Croatia without experiencing its colorful capital is closest to not even visiting Croatia. Inside the ever-growing…
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The Museum of Hangover?

You must have seen at least one Hangover movie or all of them…But have you been to the Museum of Hangover?   Prohibition years, photo credit Museum of Hangover, Zagreb, Croatia Zagreb seems to have no lack of extraordinarily original…
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The Museum of illusions Zagreb Croatia phto credit by Petar Santini 4

In Zagreb Illusions live in Museum

Among many exciting and unique museums in Croatia, such as the Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb was the birthplace of another entertaining and interesting museum that won over the globe! Want to find out more? Read further about the Museum…
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Tea Jurisic

Three talented ladies author of new street art in Zagreb

The street art scene is richer again in Zagreb, where Rearrange My Pump Association and the Zagreb Tourist Board collaborate on the Street Triptych project. The Street Triptych project This time, selected Zagreb street panels were painted by three talented…
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courtyards j duval 592bebad13166


“COURTYARDS” – a famous, internationally recognized Zagreb cultural and tourist event for the next ten days for the seventh time. The project “grew” from Upper Town/Gornji grad – its localities, themes, stories, and traditions. Its unique concept and creative approach…
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National Theatre Zagreb Photo by M. Švarc jpg

Zagreb’s history

Ban Josip Jelačić, photo by Matko M. Švarc The architecture of  Zagreb The prosperity of Baroque and neo-classical architecture left a mark on Zagreb that will always remind its citizens of that era. However, many cultural and political things started to…
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Zagreb cathedral photo by Matko M. Švarc 5

Las Vegas chandeliers in Zagreb Cathedral

Zagreb cathedral, photo by Matko M. Švarc   Did you know that the Zagreb Cathedral is decorated with chandeliers that once adorned a casino in Las Vegas?  The expensive chandeliers arrived at the cathedral from the Las Vegas casino. It’s…
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Zagreb Museum of Broken Relationships


The Museum is located in Zagreb, but it all started from a traveling exhibition where people would donate items that remind them of their failed relationships with small notes describing its meaning. The museum is dedicated to all unsuccessful love…
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Bloody bridge street in Zagreb Croatia photo by Matko M. Svarc

BLOODY BRIDGE – The street in Zagreb

Bloody Bridge is a street in Zagreb that reminds us of Croatian history famous for frequent attacks on two small cities (Kaptol and Gradec). It is a small road that connects Tkalčićeva street and Radićeva street. Bloody bridge street in…
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Licitar souvenir by Croatian Attractions

The Heart of Zagreb

If you’re looking for a souvenir that will show your affection and good taste at the same time, this might be the thing you seek. The Licitar heart is one of the most traditional symbols of Zagreb and Central Croatia…
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St. Marks Square Zagre photo by Matko M. Švarc

St. Mark Church in Zagreb’s Upper town

St. Mark Church in Zagreb’s upper town is the middle of the square that is named after the church. Outside, on the northwest wall of the church lies the oldest coat of arms of Zagreb with the year 1499 engraved…
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