Zlarin is the first plastic-free island!



There have been some rumors from international organizations about completely cutting off plastic utensils, bags and other forms of everyday plastic that we use.
Although that may seem the best idea in a world full of pollution, the practical step of this idea seems so hard to achieve, at least in some sooner period.

But what just happened on an island so small and so unknown to most of the people is just what we all needed these days- a proof that an ecological and plastic-free environment and life is possible even if your habitat is nowhere near as rich or trendy as some places around the globe.
Three young locals from Zlarin island, in mid- Dalmatia, have just won a competition on how to reduce the usage of plastic on their island- their home!


In a fierce anti-plastic fight, young Zlarin natives, Ana Natasa and Ivan, developed a model that will stop the inlet of one-time plastic on the island in the next year.

Plastic bags will be replaced by paper and canvas, shedding, and plastic cups and cutlery will also be replaced by more environmentally-friendly solutions. The project supports the local population and the tourist community of the island of Zlarin.

– “Zlarin is an island where two hundred people live, making it an ideal place to try this experiment. We have only one supermarket and several cafes and restaurants, which significantly reduces the number of people who need to support our idea. Local community gives us great support and we can hardly wait for Zlarin to get out of plastic.”- said the members of the winning team.




This is an amazing thing for Croatia and its conscience about the importance of turning to more and more eco-friendly ways of living. As one of the cleanest and environmentally richest countries in Europe, we have no doubt that this initiative will spread throughout the rest of this beautiful and clean country!








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