Cheap holiday or fine holiday in Croatia

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A Cheap holiday or a fine holiday in Croatia?

As someone who is daily participating in creating and selling tourist programme in Croatia, I sometimes feel very frustrated. That’s my right. As everyone who claims that Croatia is expensive. But is it really, or someone who suppose to inform foreign tourists does the noneffective job?

Croatia has developed touristic industry in the last 20 years. Many, almost all hotels, were renovated, all the standards were raised to the very satisfaction level. Many places, cities, and towns become tourist friendly, offering all standard services like wifi, excellent suppliers, delicious food, entertainment, and many more things and services. But, as a frequent traveler, I can assure you that the toilet facility and the cleanliness are much better than in most counties I have been, not to mention safeness. English is very well spoken, understanding is even better, not to say that Croats speak very good German and Italian as well.

Of course, all mention skills and services are expenseless, if you prefer, free of charge.

Sveta Katarina Island, Rovinj

The cost of accommodation is a bit higher lately, last two or three years. We can complain about it. That’s our right, but if we speak of very modern, refurbished hotels at the beach or very close to the sea, stylish and elegant. If this is the subject of cost,  I would suggest checking the quality of similar hotels in some other Mediterranean countries. I might be wrong. What is bothering me is that lately, Croatia has been pronounced an expensive destination. Who did that comparison and on what basis?

Do we speak of the same quality? What do we compare? The sea, the beach, the accommodation, the safeness, the clean sea, the quality of the fish, food in general, icecreams cups or beer, coffee?

Or do we speak about private accommodation costs? That might be the issue. The private renters increased their prices, maybe too high. Then we get the new subject  – who are their customers or even better who is our leading target group? Do we like to have that type of guests? The guests that come with their cars full of their domestic products in the trunk? How much do they spend? Are they cooking in the apartments? What do they do? Where do they go? How do they spend their holiday? Are they lying on a beach? And are they having the beer from the supermarket? Do they go to restaurants? Or take a day tour? Boat trip? Visit a nature park?


Budikovac bay Vis

I heard an amusing story two years ago, that supposedly happened in Umag. The tourist came to the beach stand to fetch a glass of wine. He was not the guest at the small terrace around the kiosk. He was in his swimming paints passing by and decided to get himself a glass (the unfortunately plastic one) of local wine. He asked the waiter for a glass of wine and promised he would get back soon with the money, as his family was not far away on the beach. The waiter, the most probable student or seasonal worker, gave him the wine. Yes – he came back in an hour or two with the same plastic glass full of wine with the words; I bought the wine in the nearby supermarket, and I would like to thank you and give it back to you!?!

Let’s say that this story is not true. I don’t want it to be. But, I know another one – the real story, where one of the tourists hired the Mercedes and the driver to drive him around Croatia; in Dubrovnik, he asked about the price of the famous ice cream cup, and after been told the price, he asked for half of the cost. He wanted to bargain the price of one ice cream cup. Of course, he was sent away. But, he asked the driver to share the cost of ONE CUP OF ICE CREAM with him?! Really?!




The situation is – yes we have 25% of VAT, 13 on the accommodation cost in Croatia, drinks are expensive if you have it at the hotel terrace, and very often the waiters are slow. But, just 50 meters away you’ll find a great bar with the less expensive drinks and dinners as well, young waiters and a much nicer atmosphere.

In general – Croatia is not expensive, not if you get the full picture. Do it! Ask your friends, see online, inform.  And see for yourself. This C stands for C-roatia.  I don’t know why it is expected to be cheap?!  I don’t like that my homeland is cheap, and to have fast food on every corner and to serve and offer low-cost services of any kind.  I want that Croatia becomes a recognizable destination for an exceptional holiday. I mean – A FINE HOLIDAY!

Brown-Beach-Hotel-restaurant, Trogir


Andreja Horvatić, editor in chief/ŠEF 🙂

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