Croatian – Herman Dalmatin translated Kur’an on Latin

Herman Dalmatin

A great scientist and a great philosopher in a 12th century, Croatian Herman Dalmatin was one of the most prominent people in his time. Herman known as Herman of Carinthia was Istrian philosopher, astronomer, astrologer, mathematician, translator, and author who first went to a Benedictine monastic school in Istria. Later after finishing school in France, he decided to travel across Europe and the Middle East while profiling himself as a respected translator.

Herman Dalmatin translated Kur’an on Latin

Most of the works he translated were about astrology and the occult since those were the topics that gained his interest. Dalmatian was so deeply enchanted by these subjects that he even wrote some books about them by himself, such as „De indagatione cordis” and „De occultis”. The crown of his work was the translation of the Qur’an on Latin which played a big role in presenting Islam to Christian Europe. After the publishing of the translation, very little information is found on further events in his life but it is known that he inspired numerous scholars and philosophers centuries after his death in 1142.

Herman of Carinthia
Herman of Carinthia

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