Opatija- a romantic shelter

Northern Adriatic is like a rare jewel. Hidden and hard to find sometimes but just adorable when you discover it. It is the exact reason why Opatija, a peaceful little town at the door of Istrian peninsula, holds the title „The pearl of Adriatic“ to this day.
Those who seek a holiday inwrought in beautiful scenery, peace and amazing sights as well as delicious meals and a touch of some past times – this is the place you’ve been looking for all the time, believe us!

Settled under the Učka mountain, Opatija makes a great choice for an amazing vacation in every season you could imagine, from summer all the way to winter. Tourists from around the world have been vacationing here, and that makes no surprise. Beautiful nature, fantastic parks, romantic promenades, old Austro-Hungarian villas and breathtaking beaches, all those are more than a solid reason why people come back here for more than 150 years!

It’s not only Opatija the attraction. There are little historical towns surrounding it, for example, Volosko, right next to Opatija, known for its excellent restaurants and Lungomare seafront promenade. Besides Volosko, other towns along the Riviera like Lovran, Ičići, Medveja and Mošćenička Draga all give you a fantastic experience of this area!

But what makes Opatija so special?
Anyone who has been there will tell you stories about amazing parks in Opatija which make every walk there a special experience because of its relaxing atmosphere and all the benefits of just being by the sea.

Other sights, of which we will additionally post, definitely include the Croatian Walk of Fame and the famous statue of a Girl with the Seagull.

Many people chose Opatija as their residence when they got retired, and let us tell you, none of them regretted! Unlike many coastal cities with vibrant youth culture, Opatija has always been and plans to stay, a place of peaceful and romantic retreat, a beautiful shelter of your own in which you’ll enjoy every single day of your life.

Be sure to check an amazing gallery that caught the spirit of Opatija and start planning your amazing day excursion to Opatija because the summer holidays are just around the corner!

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