Rovinj-Rovigno for all your needs …nice, sunny, historical, easy and lovely

Everybody instantly falls in love with Rovinj

On the very western side of the Istrian peninsula lies a beautiful little town whose every single street looks like a potential background for a perfect Instagram post or simply an old-school postcard.
Rovinj (also called Rovigno by native Italians living there) is a town with less than 15, 000 inhabitants but one of the most popular spots for a summer vacation in Croatia for years and years.

Romantic old town Rovinj Croatia
Romantic old town Rovinj Croatia

It won’t take you long to discover the reason behind the popularity. This cute little place in the northern Adriatic inevitably lifts up the mood with its colorful scenery made of small traditional houses, old churches, and extremely friendly locals of which, many of them are of Italian ancestry.
But Rovinj is not only a lovely place to spend your holiday. It’s a town with a rich history dating to a pre-Roman era when local Illyrian tribes lived there until the Romans came and settled there. The town was a territory of many other nations living there, such as Lombards and nobles from Venice.

Croatian Attractions Rovinj old town St. Euphemia
Croatian Attractions Rovinj old town St. Euphemia

The rich history is visible through every building you pass, especially the Venetian influence. The main monument is the church of St. Eufemia, built in baroque Venetian style, and the main square.
This is your ideal place to experience beauty, relaxation, privacy, and history all in one small town with a magical coast. Honestly, do you need anything more?

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Croatian attractions Rovinj Andreja 2
Croatian attractions Rovinj Andreja 2

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Croatian Attractions

The highlights of your holiday

Croatian Attractions St.Euphemia Rovinj 2
Croatian Attractions St.Euphemia Rovinj 2


'Romantic' is the middle name for this amazing gastro adventure!…
4-6 hours, depends on the driving time

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