The Croatian political system

The Croatian political system

Although Croatia experienced numerous types of governmental organization, Croatia today is a sovereign, democratic state, a republic and a full member of EU with guaranteed freedoms and rights for all people residing on its soil. The laws are obliged to confirm the Constitution which itself is based on values such as peace, social justice, gender equality, human rights, inviolability of ownership, the rule of law and democratic multiparty system and equal rights and freedom. Be sure to take a look at some of the laws before heading safely to Croatia.
The Government is organized on the principle of separation of power into legislative, executive and judicial power. All of the mentioned powers are based on mutual co-operation and reciprocal control.
The Croatian Parliament holds the name Sabor, and it has consisted of elected representatives with mandates of 4 years. The role of Sabor is in holding the legislative power and also having control over executive power.

The President of Croatia is the head of state, represents the executive power and has the role of representation of the state home and abroad but also holds responsibility for defense of independence and territorial integrity. The current President of Croatia is Kolinda Grabar Kitarović who also happens to be the first woman elected on the position in 2015.
The Supreme court is the highest court of appeal in Croatia with civil and criminal departments.
Other courts are those of county and municipal level. As a member of EU since 2013. all Croatian citizens have the rights to appeal to all judiciary bodies under the power of EU.

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