Koprivnica Rennaisance Festival

Croatia, as one of the top destinations in Europe, attracts a lot of tourists waiting to explore stunning National Parks, unspoiled nature, beautiful coastline, and rich history. These are just some of the reasons why Croatia is so famous as a holiday destination.
There is never enough time to discover all the attractions listed in your travel guide book, but you are more likely to visit popular cities at the seaside or the capital city Zagreb.
Trip to a small but charming town like Koprivnica rarely comes to your mind if you already made your vacation plans, but believe us it is worth every visit.

Koprivnica, located in northern Croatia, offers numerous holiday possibilities.
Expect beautiful unspoiled nature with hiking trails, cycling paths, cool manifestations, authentic local cuisine, and friendly hosts.

Koprivnica Rennaisance Festival, photo credit by Tourist Board of Koprivnica


Rennaisance Festival A true example of the development of the European identity of the city and region. Historical mega spectacle Rennaisance Festival kerning late medieval historical facts and originality of Koprivnica, Drava and the Croatian cultural heritage values of the western European civilization circle which is manifested through numerous upcoming knight, crafts and musical groups from nearby ten European countries.

Koprivnica fortress walls, the remnants of what used to be a magnificent, renaissance anti-Turkish fortress, represent a silent witness of a time long past. This tourist-historical and educational event is the greatest spectacle of live images from the past in this part of Europe, based on historical facts.

Bird show at Koprivnica Rennaisance Festival, photo credit by Tourist Board of Koprivnica


Visitors will not only be able to enjoy the staged scenes of medieval life, chivalry, music, dance but also the taste of medieval dishes prepared on the spot according to the original recipes from the long-gone period when a lot of groceries (potato, tomato, corn, turkey, etc.) was mostly unknown, and will be served in a way common half a millennium ago.

Travel back in time to the 16th century and get a better picture of how the residents of feudal Koprivnica used to create, make war, and celebrate. The most significant historical festival in Croatia, the Rennaisance Festival, is happening from 22nd to 25th of August.

Koprivnica Rennaisance Festival, photo by Marijan Susenj/Pixsell

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